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Steve works directly with event planners, organizations and venues to ensure he fully understands your goals. Whether you have all of the answers or not, reach out and let Steve help get clarity and determine how he can best serve you. Email or set up a Zoom call.


Call (651.587.5435) or email ( or set up a Zoom call to share details about your event and Steve’s potential fit. We will respond quickly and hold your date while we make sure it’s the right fit and iron out the details.


Once we lock in the details, Steve will require a a non-refundable 25% deposit. As we get closer, we will schedule a pre-program discussion with Steve to make sure we optimize the appearance.


Steve, or someone from his team, will meet with you to gain deeper insight into your organization, event theme, and your objectives. This information will help Steve prepare a program that is personalized to suit your event.


Steve’s remaining balance will be due by the date of the event. Leading up to the event, we will also confirm the room setup, provide any marketing material for your program if needed, and continue to coordinate travel itinerary, staging, and other logistics.


If this is an out-of-town (Minneapolis area) engagement, Steve will generally arrive the same day as the presentation if travel will allow; otherwise he will arrive the day before. If convenient, Steve will check out the venue, do a soundcheck, verify the presentation is working, and anything else to ensure things go flawlessly. And if the event coordinator is available, he would love to meet with them!

Resources for Event Planners


Download any of these one-pagers you need for promotion or your event or upcoming podcast. If you want any changes made, just say the word and we will make it happen.


All Steve really needs is a microphone As we discuss your specific event, we will work through anything else that would add to the audience experience.


The images shown below will download as high resolution images. Just tap on the image of your choice for immediate download; or at the bottom you can choose to download them all and make your decision later.