Call (651.587.5435) or email (steve@stevefredlund.com) to share details about your event and Steve’s potential fit. We will respond quickly hold your date while we make sure it’s the right fit and iron out the details.


Once we lock in the details, Steve will require a a non-refundable 25% deposit. As we get closer, we will schedule a pre-program discussion with Steve to make sure we optimize the appearance.


Steve, or someone from his team, will meet with you to gain deeper insight into your organization, event theme, and your objectives. This information will help Steve prepare a program that is personalized to suit your event.


Steve’s remaining balance will be due by the date of the event. Leading up to the event, we will also confirm the room setup, provide any marketing material for your program if needed, and continue to coordinate travel itinerary, staging, and other logistics.


If this is an out-of-town engagement, Steve will generally arrive the same day as the presentation if travel will allow; otherwise he will arrive the day before. If convenient, Steve will check out the venue, do a soundcheck, verify the presentation is working, and anything else to ensure things go flawlessly. And if the event coordinator is available, he would love to meet with them!


Steve loves connecting with the audience on a more personal level, including doing Q&A sessions to continue the conversation. If this works for your event, Steve would be happy to include individual Q&A or participation on a panel following the talk.


Steve and his team are all about making the event planning process as easy and streamlined as possible. Below you will find important downloadable PDFs and high quality images you can use to aid in the marketing and production efforts of your event. If we don’t have something you’re looking for below, please email us at steve@stevefredlund.com


My entire life has been a pursuit of vibrancy, the feeling of being full of life and energy. It’s what I want for myself, other people, small businesses, nonprofits and communities. No matter what the pursuit or who the pursuer, sustained vibrancy is grounded in clarity, strategy and execution.

Small Small Business: Most of my life right now is focused on bringing top-notch expertise to entrepreneurs, micro businesses and nonprofits who normally have to settle for less experienced support. Working primarily through organizations and programs that support these leaders, we become a preferred provider making sure to optimize their funding.

Career & Education: For 30 years, I brought clarity and innovative analytical solutions to several large corporations (Allianz, Medtronic, Thrivent, 3M). I have a degree in mathematics and an MBA; I am a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and certified in Strategic Workforce Planning. My most prolific corporate roles included actuarial, capital markets hedging, and workforce analytics.

Non-Profit: In late 2009, I co-founded Our Response, a non-profit focused on improving the quality of life for communities in northern Rwanda. As volunteer Executive Director, I led four trips to Rwanda and raised more than $2.5 million to move these areas toward self-sustainability. I have served on six nonprofit boards, helping all of them develop a clear and compelling vision with aligned strategies.

Personal: My wife Tracy and I have three adult children. In addition to my work, humanitarian work and family, I love disc golf, Texas Hold ‘em, podcasting and hanging out with friends.


The images shown below will download as high resolution images. Just tap on the image of your choice for immediate download.


Download Steve’s short bio, long bio, topics sheet, and testimonials that you can include with your marketing materials. This could be used for conference programs, fliers, or other promotional materials for your event.


Here you will find Steve’s requested lighting, stage, and AV setup that is most preferred while speaking. This setup is not required for the event but is HIGHLY recommended.