Let's Clear This Up!

Maximizing Your Small Business Success through Clarity of Purpose

A group coaching opportunity to better position your business for breakthrough success.

Introduction to the Program

What would it be like to connect with other small business owners who are excited about the possibility of clarifying their purpose and igniting breakthrough? What if this group of owners committed to helping one another get re-energized about their business and work toward greater levels of success?

This group coaching program is designed to do that and more! Not only will you connect with other passionate business owners, you will get formal training to help you clarify your purpose and use that clarity to make decisions, solve problems, and align resources. You will watch videos, work through exercises, clarify discoveries through interactive discussions, and, of course, build strong connections.

You will learn from the content as well as the collective insight of the group.

One of the most overlooked factors holding a small business back is confusion around what your ultimate goal is as the owner. Why do you own the business? What are you actually trying to do? And how do you implement that purpose into the day-to-day of the business?

Enough is enough! Become part of a group of owners who are committed to getting you the breakthrough you need for the success you want. 

The course balances your busy schedule with your desire to get energized about your business and lead it to breakthrough:
  • 5 complete learning modules (videos, exercises, resources)
  • 6 live group video discussions every 2-3 weeks (can choose to join by phone; these are also recorded and available)
  • Unlimited personal email access including review of any completed exercises
  • Private LinkedIn networking and discussion group with all participants (past, current, future)
  • Personal 30-minute coaching and strategy session used when you want
  • Continued access to the discussion group, videos, and materials (including new & updates)
  • Discounts on future offerings (books, individual coaching, group coaching, live retreats)

The first group started August 6; if you want to join that group already in progress, reach out to steve@stevefredlund.com. We are currently evaluating the timing of future groups; please reach out to express interest.

Shortly after each group call, a new learning module will be released on the following topics:
  1) The Need for Clarity of Purpose
  2) Defining Internal Success for YOU
  3) Implementing Your Internal Success
  4) Defining External Success for YOU
  5) Implementing Your External Success & Bringing it All Together

The optimal program experience will require a LinkedIn account, free Zoom download (although can use directly from browser), camera and microphone (built-in or external), and good internet connection (wireless ok with ethernet preferred; Chrome has shown the greatest browser stability). Technology tests will be help prior to the start of the program to ensure everything is working well before we go live. Note that you can fully participate by telephone call-in (no video) and watch recordings later.

I have been helping people clarity of purpose for many years and in many environments but feel that experience could be accelerated by gathering a diverse set of people with different experiences. This is why I have decided to package this coaching into a small group program.

The full course is offered for $600, including all video calls, content, recordings, discussion, email access, and 1:1 meeting.

For 30 years I have brought clarity and innovative solutions to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and nonprofits. I am a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, hold a Master’s in Business Administration, and am certified in Strategic Workforce Planning. My current focus is individual and small group coaching, with an emphasis on getting deep clarity of purpose. I then help my clients align all resources, decisions, and problem-solving to that purpose which propels them toward their definition of success.

Ready to join?

I do limit the size of these groups to ensure you get the attention you need.  Therefore, I recommend joining quickly or reaching out soon with any questions.

I can be reached at 651.587.5435 or steve@stevefredlund.com