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I help people & organizations find the clarity they need to get the breakthroughs they want.
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I love working 1:1 with individuals to really cater the coaching to what they need.  Perhaps its defining "success" for your life, career, business, or nonprofit.  Or perhaps you need specific insight & consultation on a particular problem. Or maybe you just need some outside accountability. 

Once we establish the goals for our time together, I will help you dig deep to clarity the issue and figure out a path toward breakthrough.   

Sometimes the coaching is over once we have clarity and some times it continues. This is fully up to you. All of my clients are billed monthly and you can stop whenever you feel you have realized the value you are looking for.

Most clients have two, 1-hour sessions each month supplemented by unlimited email access. But even this can be customized to your needs and schedule.

Want coaching but don't live in Minnesota? No problem! Through Zoom video conferencing, we can do coaching anywhere—in fact, two of my clients are in Germany. 

We can do a free 30 minute consultation and then decide if it seems like something to move forward with.

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Group coaching provides a wonderful opportunity to get much of the same content as individual coaching, but at a more affordable cost.  You lose a bit of the 1;1 coaching, but you will gain the opportunity to connect with, and learn from, others who are in similar situations.

Although I have been working with people on this for many years, I have only recently launched a group coaching program. This program is geared at SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS and available for $600. This includes all content, exercises, discussions, recordings, email access, and 1:1 coaching session. Our second session starts September 10, 2019 and I would love to have you consider it.

Using Zoom video conferencing, you can join the group coaching from wherever you live. 

See more details at https://stevefredlund.com/smallbusiness/

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I love helping organizations get clarity to improve their performance, strategy, purpose, and outcomes. My process is always personalized, but in general, I have helped organizations in the following ways:

  1. Clarity Intensives: 2-3 hour sessions where I grill the leadership with question after question in an effort to understand the core issue they are facing. These sessions are usually focused around a single problem, but sometimes are done to help clarify vision, mission, purpose or core values.
  2. Strategic Planning: These sessions range from 2 hours to several days depending on what the group is trying to accomplish. Significant efforts are often accompanied by supplemental input (surveys, video calls, etc) to help paint the full picture.
  3. Leadership Coaching: I have several leaders of organizations who I coach on a regular basis (typically twice per month) to help them sort out the various issues they face every day.
  4. Organizational Training: I can address an entire organization (or separate teams) on how critical clarity is for success in their careers and lives.

I would love the chance to discuss how I can customize a solution to your unique situation.

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Speaking that Transforms & Inspires

I have spoken to numerous associations, conferences, gatherings, and companies around intentional clarity. If you’d like to bring me to your next gathering, connect with me here.

Let’s Clear This Up:

How intentional clarity leads to your best life

There are so many people living their day to day lives who long for something “more.” Yet, they often feel too reluctant, scared, disconnected, or complacent to do anything about it. In this session, we’ll explore how a process of intentional clarity can help anyone chart a path to greater fulfillment. No matter what your attendees are connecting around, they will leave this session with a toolbox to make better and more successful decisions, while allowing them to take small and large steps in their own lives toward a more meaningful, productive, and engaging future.


Steve has certainly changed my life and its purpose. He is the rare individual who navigates complex topics with ease… who can impart groundbreaking ideas with charm and subtlety, allowing participants to remain open to his unique message.  I’ve personally witnessed a “cold room” become charged with purpose, due in no small part to delivery as well as sheer force of personality.  I’ve observed Steve in front of hundreds of strangers, in formal rounds and in small peer groups and noticed in each a man who masters the resonant art of communication with an unparalleled grace.

Steve is a charismatic visionary who has an amazing ability to listen, question and utilize his great sense of humor to lead others to new perspectives and positive results. I have known Steve for more than 25 years, he is a natural collaborator, who consistently ensures that each individual feels their frame of reference is respected and valuable. He knows how to share his intelligence, love of learning, analytical and strategic skills in an interesting and fun manner. There is a Chinese proverb that immediately brings Steve to my mind, “When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.” Steve is a builder of “windmills”, a builder of ideas and actions that transform minds, people, and produce results. I strongly recommend Steve to any organization that needs assistance with ensuring positive transformation, change and innovation.

Compassion, wit, and an incredible ability to listen and communicate — Steve never ceases to amaze me with his ability to genuinely and deeply connect with people.  His integrity, honesty, and inspiration are palpable when he speaks, which establishes a sense of trust and motivation for his audience.  Steve is an incredible speaker and a deeply compassionate soul who views the world through a large, wide-angle lens.

I have seen few with Steve’s unique ability to take complex issues with many layers, drill down to the core, and walk people through a step by step plan to reach their objective. Steve’s gift for analytics allows him to take large concepts with overwhelming amount of data and find meaning at the core.  His charisma and sense of humor make him interesting and fun to follow as he helps you find meaning in the sea of data.  Steve has a likable personality people are drawn to.

It has been my pleasure to know and work with Steve for many years on a personal and professional level. Beyond demonstrating the highest levels of professional competency and integrity, Steve’s leadership skills and lifelong learning commitment are apparent. He has consistently demonstrated the unique ability to serve strategically with a true spirit of service to others. The proven result is consistent long term organizational success with each endeavor. I have the highest regard for Steve in all respects.

My experience working with Steve Fredlund has always been positive. Steve combines the analytical, the practical and even the humorous in a masterful way. He is about acurate data points, answering the deep why questions, as well as sharing practical application. Steve has a great public speaking style that takes systems thinking and complicated processes and makes them digestible for the listener. I highly recommend considering Steve Fredlund for your organizations analytical needs.

Steve is a rare talent. In an increasingly complex world, Steve has an uncanny ability to separate the signal from the noise and let the data and facts tell the story. Moreover, the clarity with which he delivers information to a broad range of audiences is superb. Having a short conversation with Steve on a complex topic, you will walk away feeling like an expert.

Steve Fredlund is a reliable problem solver. He is both creative and analytical.   He enjoys trying new things, but will put in the research ahead of time, and isn’t afraid to ask questions, and get advice along the way, to increase the chance of success.  With his actuarial background he can dig into the nitty gritty, and is very detail oriented, but also does well working with the big picture in mind.  Steve is an excellent communicator.  He is especially adept in group discussions and interviewing, and has years of experience speaking in front of large groups, on podcasts, and the radio.

I have had the privilege of working with Steve Fredlund in many settings – large groups, small groups, cross-cultural settings and one on one.  Steve constantly brings excellent content.  His warm, friendly style engages with audiences of all ages.  He’s comfortable talking with a group of national leaders in Rwanda, Africa or training a group of Our Response volunteers in East Central Minnesota.  With natural leadership and an easy smile he makes the necessary inroads required for passing along important information.  If you are looking for a speaker who knows how to deliver, Steve is someone to seriously consider!

Steve Fredlund is a gifted leader, visionary and organizer. I saw him begin a ministry from scratch that impacted the lives of hundreds of children in Rwanda. I highly recommend him as a speaker, coach and consultant.

Steve puts his passion into action. He has an ability to energize a group of people together who share a dream and begin a movement that turns the dream into a reality.

Steve is an engaging speaker who brings a strategic, hopeful perspective to audiences. His enthusiasm and hard work created an impactful presentation for our Annual Conference.


Sharing my thoughts & insights on important topics. The default video is the most recent of my "musings" but at the top left you can see the playlist of all videos available.

Meet Steve Fredlund


My 30 years of corporate experience was primarily in analytical and management roles, including four Fortune 500 companies (Allianz, Medtronic, Thrivent, 3M). I am a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, a mathematics undergraduate, and hold an MBA with emphasis in Nonprofit Management. I am co-patent holder on an industry leading retirement income solution, started and led capital markets hedging programs, started and led an HR workforce analytics department, and am certified in Strategic Workforce Planning by the Human Capital Institute.

In late 2009, I co-founded a non-profit called Our Response, focused on uniting East Central Minnesota to respond to global poverty, disease & suffering. Under my volunteer leadership as Executive Director, we have raised more than $2 million and have taken four trips to Rwanda, each life-changing for each team member. I have also worked as an Executive Pastor, served three church leadership teams, served on six nonprofit boards, and helped several nonprofits develop a clear and compelling vision.

From individual meetings to full auditoriums, one of my strengths is communicating complex concepts simply. Included are more than 140 public speaking engagements to a diverse set of audiences covering topics such as clarity, leadership, communications, insurance, actuarial analytics, hedging, clean water, and global poverty. I have taught undergraduate and graduate university courses in business, finance, investments, and organizational architecture.

I am honored to be a husband since 1991 to Tracy and father to three grown children: Christopher, Ryan and Annie. I love playing and teaching poker (recpokertraining.com), podcasting, and enjoying Minnesota sports (making my fan-hood far more difficult). I have a number of great friends and extended family who I love hanging out with, especially when having discussions that could change the world; but I need down time to re-energize. I am an INTP on the Myers-Briggs, a “5” on the Enneagram, and my StrengthsFinder top 5 are Learner, Relator, Achiever, Strategic & Self-Assurance. I have learned a lot about my passions and personality; which has led me to this exciting adventure of coaching & speaking.

My local, regional and national connections, including business and nonprofit executives, are a valuable resource for me to serve you. These include connections on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I also host three podcasts (two also available on YouTube). When we engage, I will bring my full energy, background, integrity, experience, and passion for problem-solving. I’m a bulldog for clarity, and my passion is helping people and organizations gain clarity and achieve breakthrough.

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