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Weaving a Happier Life

Keynote, Breakout, or Workshop

We weave our lives like creators of a Rwandan basket. Day after day, and year after year, our experiences and decisions form the basket of our life. What do you want your basket to look like? What are the shape, design and colors? What is the purpose? What materials are you using?

Most of us weave our baskets using a default approach or based on what we “should” do or what others expect of us; the result is a basket that is not uniquely our own. We have more control than we realize; we can decide how we weave, the desired shape and size, and even the materials and colors we use.

In this talk, Steve Fredlund uses his amazing experiences from Africa to provide insights into weaving our lives to create greater foundational happiness, that deep internal feeling of joy and contentment. Steve will also encourage you to be intentional about weaving in those things that bring situational happiness; those things that make us laugh and smile, like jokes or games or nature or singing or painting.

While our basket is impacted by other people and situations beyond our control, ultimately it is our basket. Are we clear on the basket we want to create and are we intentionally weaving it in a way that will bring us happiness in our lives?

After this talk, the audience will understand:

  • How we build our lives like weaving a basket
  • The impact of clarity and intentionality on our lives
  • Key factors contributing to our foundational & situational happiness
  • What we can do today to begin weaving a happier life

Format: ​30-90 minute keynote or breakout

This program is perfect for:

  • Individuals feeling stressed, disengaged, unhappy or burned out
  • Groups needing to feel more cohesive, unified and collaborative
  • Groups concerned about employee engagement, productivity or retention


Steve never ceases to amaze me with his ability to genuinely and deeply connect with people. Steve is an incredible speaker and a deeply compassionate soul who views the world through a large, wide-angle lens.

“Deep Connection”Shannon Kirkeide

Steve constantly brings excellent content. His warm, friendly style engages with audiences of all ages. With natural leadership and an easy smile, he makes the necessary inroads required for passing along important information.

“Engaging Style”Mark Coughlin

Beyond demonstrating the highest levels of professional competency and integrity, his leadership skills and lifelong learning commitment are apparent. He has consistently demonstrated the unique ability to serve strategically with a true spirit of service to others

“Spirit of Service”Greg Carlson