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Keynote or Breakout

Most of us are hiring the wrong people… and we don’t even know it. Our new superstars with great skills, knowledge and abilities quickly become unproductive, disengaged or leave for greener pastures. Why? Are we bad leaders? Probably not.

We hire them based on their capability and credentials, not realizing that has no impact on their contribution to company success. Really? Yeah, really. It’s what the data tells us.

Steve Fredlund’s insights are transforming how we build powerful teams. Leaders implementing his “Epic Adventure” methodology are getting the “right peeps in their jeeps” – they are more productive, more engaged and stick around longer.

What would a jeep full of the right peeps do for your success as a leader? What would it mean for your happiness? Happiness as a leader can seem as elusive as the black rhino in Rwanda, but it can be found – when you have the right peeps in your jeep.

Steve Fredlund (The Safari Dude) is a fun, interactive keynote presenter with a game-changing message and methodology. He brings to the stage three decades of experience in corporate, nonprofit and entrepreneurial environments. His safari experiences in East Africa provide an entertaining backdrop for communicating his profound insights.

After this talk, the audience will:

  • Understand what really drives productivity, engagement and retention
  • Be challenged to question their current recruiting and selection processes
  • Know how to implement the Epic Adventure approach to recruit, hire and onboard

Format: ​30 to 90 minute keynote or breakout

This program can be dialed up or down between humor and information, making the customized talk perfect for:

  • Leaders frustrated by unproductive and disengaged team members
  • Leaders suffering from stress, overwhelm, burnout or high vacancy
  • Teams struggling with turnover
  • Organizations needing a fresh perspective on team-building
  • Organizations who want to celebrate their leaders
  • New, emerging or future leaders
  • HR teams open to innovative approaches to recruiting, hiring and onboarding