Meet Steve

Steve Fredlund (The Safari Dude) is a fun, interactive keynote presenter with a game-changing message and methodologies that work. He has more than three decades of problem-solving and leadership experience in corporate, nonprofit and entrepreneurial environments. He leverages humanitarian organization and safari experiences in East Africa to entertain your team as he reveals how to apply the leadership and team building skills that enhance morale and team effectiveness. This process, by the way, is known as getting the “Right Peeps in Our Jeeps.” Steve has an MBA; is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries; is a two-time TEDx speaker; and is the founder of Small Small Business. He has lived his entire life in East Central Minnesota with his wife and their now-grown family. His interests include podcasting, tournament poker, disc golf and being a rabid Minnesota sports fan – even in the tough seasons!

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Steve’s Happiness Journey

Want the Safari Dude on Your Podcast?

Steve has hosted more than 600 podcast episodes, but really loves being on the other side of the microphone. Steve loves having the opportunity to be fully transparent about his life and experiences; good interviewers can really bring out the insight and passion the Steve naturally feels about life and his myriad experiences.

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Steve likes to keep communication simple, preferring direct contact rather than sales funnels. Whether you are an event planner, organization, conference, potential mentee or anyone else, just teach out directly with any questions or comments.