Hi, I’m Steve... It’s nice to meet you!

While preparing to lead my first humanitarian trip to Rwanda, Africa, I was encouraged to add a couple days at the end of the trip to go on safari. 

I resisted because I didn’t want our trip to be perceived as a vacation; we had so much important work to do. But they insisted because they knew we would need a couple of days to start the transition back to our regular lives from the brutal things we would be experiencing.

That first reluctant safari led me down an amazing path to more safaris. I have learned that the same elements that make safari so epic are those that bring greater success and happiness in our life, work and leadership. 

I look forward to more future safaris as well as helping your group become happier and more successful The Safari Way!


Steve Fredlund is a multi-passionate visionary who has had profound impact as an award-winning actuary, humanitarian, coach, consultant, author, speaker, podcaster, entrepreneur and leader of African safaris.

For ten years, Steve’s journey included two parallel paths: a good life that was becoming increasingly unfulfilling and humanitarian trips to east Africa that ended on safari. Like chocolate and peanut butter, Steve’s research into happiness and his experiences leading African adventures blended into something remarkable. He discovered the “Big 5” factors that impact both, becoming the foundation of his approach to life, work and leadership. “The Safari Way” has become a movement increasing the happiness and success of people around the world. 

Steve’s upcoming book, “Do the Unright Thing: How to Recognize and Escape the Good Life Trap” helps those who are feeling unfulfilled in the midst of their good life. The book is expected to be available this January

As a two-time TEDx speaker, Steve communicates in a compelling way, using remarkable stories and memorable phrases that keep his ideas front-of-mind years into the future. His captivating, authentic and humorous approach keeps audiences engaged and longing for more. Steve has been called “genuine”, “hilarious” and “the only actuary, in the history of actuaries, you actually WANT to sit next to during dinner.”

Steve earned fellowship in the Society of Actuaries and holds a Masters in Business Administration. When not working, he can be found on the disc golf course, playing a poker tournament or suffering through another season as a Minnesota sports fan.